Wanderings: Morocco | 8 Moroccan Vibes for 16 Days

Dear fellow Babblers,

Morocco. Africa. Sunshine. Hospitality. Cold showers. Adventures. Everything that can be found anywhere else in the world, but just so much more magical. So, so much more. A country of rich history – colonial influence, social disorder, conflict between Berber and “true” Moroccan blood. To anyone living on the Western side of the globe, visiting Morocco or any country on the continent no doubt seems like a far off, close-to-impossible dream. I mean, it did for me. All I knew about Morocco before my recent 9 day stay was what I learned in class as an undergraduate. Well that along with the good graces of Pinterest. Oh and then there’s also all the stories and culture that I’ve been immersed into here in France. Morocco has always been a far away dream of mine, and like many girls raised in LA I’ve been spoiled and given everything I ever wanted in life. Well, everything that comes in boxes and dents in credit cards. But what about adventures, risks and self discovery? Not so much. Looking back on my trek through Morocco only a month ago Morocco both blessed and cursed me. It is everything I ever dreamed and what’s the bad? A stomach churning, belly aching nostalgia that could be described, in short, as Wanderlust. 16 short days. Only 16 days. That’s all it took for me to fall in love with the country. These are the top 8 moments/vibes/experiences that left me feeling tingly, excited and yearning to come back to the place where half my heart still waits.  Continue reading “Wanderings: Morocco | 8 Moroccan Vibes for 16 Days”

Wanderings | Dublin: A Must BE

Dear fellow Babblers,

Welcome back to Wanderings, a project that I’ve embarked on beginning September 2017, upon my big move and lifestyle change from the United States (Los Angeles) to France (Burgundy region). My wanderlust and curiosity has been taking me between cities, cultures, countries and across boundaries. I’ve been challenged and inspired to take risks and never say “no”. And then there’s Dublin. I mean, come on, we all think the same thing at the the mention of this leprechaun, Lucky Charms city. No, not beer you sicko alcoholics. I’m thinking smiles! And with some chucky cheese smiles comes the epiphany “My dreams are coming true!”

I really have no more to say than that, okay, well maybe I do. It’s here in Dublin, with some of the emails and comments that I have been receiving lately due to the tone change in my blog that I realized that I am willing to risk and write as I feel and feel as I writ.e I feel when I travel and that is exactly what I am going to write. So, before we get into all that let me just say that the people in Dublin just “get it…” You get me ? I stayed in Dublin only for three days during my end of the year adventures back in December and if there was something that struck me more than the enchanting castles and sun-up sun-down weather pattern was the kindness and smiles drawn across people’s faces. And that’s why I here to tell y’all grouchy scrooges out there (*ahem* *ahem* EVIN) that if you’re planning a trip to this green and perky city there’s only one thing that you CANNOT even go past security without. And that is a smile.  Continue reading “Wanderings | Dublin: A Must BE”

Share Your World meme | Is This Delphine’s World ???

Dear fellow Babblers,

It’s been a while since I had a heart-to-heart chit chat with y’all. Since my blog has undergone a shift from book reviews to include my new project, Wanderings, I’ve been feeling a bit lost and confused as to where I stand in the blogging community as well as in my life. Thinks are moving fast for me without really going anywhere. I write things without really meaning anything. I talk about things without really saying anything about them. I’ve been staring at this screen for the last couple hours, but if I’m being honest I’ve been staring at it for the last couple of days. If anything brings me peace and pieces me back together, if only for a short while, its writing to anyone here that still bothers to scroll through their feed and click and read through my dry, sometimes, but more often than not, babbles.

For that past few days I’ve been waking up at odd hours of the night due to some medical issues I’ve been dealing with and once I wake up, there’s no chance that I fall back to sleep again. During these quiet hours when the rest of my town is either sleeping or going through the same sickening nostalgia as I am, I go to my old soul playlists and spend the next five hours reading each and ever word I have ever written, be it on my blog or a document uncovered in my computer files. Some are lighthearted and quirky, but, more often than not, they are melancholic and reminiscent of a time where simplicity and innocence was all I ever knew.

For todays’ post I am going to share my world with y’all. I found this meme, “Share Your World” from one of my new favorite bloggers, Julie, a photographer and graphic artist. As most of my followers are book reviewers and/or wanderlust gypsies, I whole-heartedly recommend meandering over to her site and checking out all of her stunning photography, travel features, not to mention breathtaking art.

Especially as January is already coming to a close, it’s especially of value to me as a blogger and total lost pigeon to share my world, whatever my world is and by sharing it, maybe I’ll finally figure out what exactly my “world” even is…  Continue reading “Share Your World meme | Is This Delphine’s World ???”

Wanderings | 2018 To-Wander Itinerary

Dear fellow Babblers,

2017 was a year of great change, heartbreak and hope for me. I finally managed to leave the abuse of my past behind me as I worked on my health and illness. I managed to graduate with Latin Honors as well as make it on the deans list at UCLA, receiving a double bachelors in Comparative Literature and French, with a focus in Art History. I made the greatest decision of my life by leaving everything – mami, papi, Evin, Haruki, my books and basically all that has come to define me – behind and relocated to France. Up until this point in my life I have always considered myself a simple girl with a mean streak, pleased enough to spend weekends at home cuddled up with Haruki and some YA releases. Little did I know that by moving halfway across the world I would discover a soul, that was bursting to free itself from inside my very body.

Fast-moving, barely containable, heart skipping Wanderlust. From the moment I stepped out of Charles de Gaulle airport all but five months ago I have discovered, and continue to unravel the belly-aching yearning that I have suppressed for so long. I have been surviving off of story worlds and fictional figures which, all up until now, have quenching my desire for faraway places and gleaming possibilities. Until now, I have stood on the outside, blocked from life in these dreams by a blurred out screen preventing me from mattering. Wanderlust has given everything books, despite my love and attachment to them, has not: a new life of wandering, adventure and freedom to be who I always dreamed of: me.
New Years I was in Agadir, Morocco. I began 2018 as a Wanderer and, not to make any new years resolutions as I don’t follow such short-lived absurdity, I will, not plan, but will continue as my this new spirit has continued to spark inside of me.

2018 will be a year from beginning to end and into the years to come, as endless Wanderings and its my To-Wander Itinerary that I want to share with my fellow Babblers today as we are almost through January.  Continue reading “Wanderings | 2018 To-Wander Itinerary”

Wanderings | Amsterdam: Go, Just Go

Dear fellow Babblers,

If any of you read my earlier Wanderings article you’ll be well aware of my Belgian, or not so Belgian, visit to Brussels – complete with endless shots, cigarettes, and embarrassing moments vomiting on strangers in clubs that I, now having regained my sobriety, fail to remember apart from being escorted out rather aggressively by security.

Amsterdam: city of WWII history,bikes, Van Gogh and negative degree whether has brought back down to the daughter mami and papi raised – calm, sweet, art enthusiast and book nerd hermit, Delphine.

So, for today’s post I thought I would share with you all my innocent meanderings through this beautiful city as well as my brief day trip in Zaanse Schans, an adorable windmill town smelling of baked chocolate (for real though!) just north of Amsterdam.  Continue reading “Wanderings | Amsterdam: Go, Just Go”

Wanderings | Belgium and that Low Life

Dear fellow Babblers,

Welcome to the first official post of my new “Wanderings” section of my blog, formerly a “book reviews” only portion of the blogosphere. And the first stop of this new tour is the city of warm waffles and candy chocolate: Belgium. I spent four days in Brussels and while I could write to you about the usual tourist attractions or my new love affair with the city’s people why don’t I give my lovelies some dummy tips. My short stay in Brussels earned me a lovely and wacky reputation as the chick who does the Michael Jackson jig drunk off sangria, jack & coke, plus a good ole round of shots. So lets get straight into locita Delphina’s 72-hour-long drinking and partying exhibition. I’d love to talk about more, but I really don’t remember – yup, I was really that out of it. Oh, wait, before I go on, if you are mami or papi please stop your reading NOW. You will no like how this continues, and I prefer to think of me as your innocent Fifi who visits museums and sits in the corner of her room with a book in hand. So unless you are my parents, please…read on into my cray cray Belgian experience – a trip to remember not just for the parting but the emergence of a whole new me… who would ever have thought a book geek could partayyyyy… fun sure, but not something I would like to take part in again. Just give me back my books and fruity mango smoothies and allow us to call it a day. Continue reading “Wanderings | Belgium and that Low Life”

A Living Survivor | Blogging Announcement

Dear fellow Babblers,

Beginning the new year Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads will undergo a bit of a transformation. Since the launch of my blog back in May I’ve happily gathered a group of about 560 followers that I am so grateful for. I originally began blogging as a way to find out and discover what it was I wanted out of life. I was going through a rather tough time and could we say crisis over what I wanted to upon graduating. It was May at UCLA and students were bright with enthusiasm and hope – faith that they would soon see that six figure salary. There was confidence that that rigorous applied mathematics and microbiology degree that earned them ten years worth of debt would pay off and finally make them fee that they earned a place in the world. Having a Comparative Literature and French degree is pretty interesting, but not much goes beyond that. But that’s wrong. So so so wrong. Art – literature, painting, theater, languages – proves great faith and trust in humanity. A math or science, even politics degree is an accomplishment and never ceases to amaze me, but that’s just not me. Aesthetics has, from a young age always been where my heart has been. However with reality stealing my happiness away from me, I was scared and feared graduation. I had no plans, no ideas, and no call-backs from possible employers. That’w when the idea of a book blog came along and Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads was born. Blogging and communicating virtually with others about books and book trends managed to lift my spirit and give me my voice back. However I still felt a certain void, almost as though I was sitting on the outside and watching the world pass right before me without little more than a wave goodbye. That’s when I discovered the nuance between living and surviving. Staying at home with my cat reading, drinking tea and writing incessantly was keeping my head above the water but it did not send me shooting through the waves. This is why I’m here now, in France, no longer in Los Angeles to announce the opening of my book blog to include such experiences. And which experiences ? Travel – connections with other worlds, peoples and cultures.  Continue reading “A Living Survivor | Blogging Announcement”