Dear fellow Babblers,

Hey there and pleased to meet ‘cha – I’m Delphine. I have an imagination that I dare to compare with Haruki Murakami, my favorite author of 2017 and I have the tendency go on endless ramblings about nothing in particular, which I like to call BABBLES. 

Welcome to my blog which is especially dedicated to bookish babbles including reviews, discussions, and random chatters just cause I LOVE TO BABBLE!

I am a UCLA (GO BRUINS) Alumni, Class of 2017. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature & French. I currently spend my time on a number of social media platforms, mainly babbling about books and, well, LIFE in relation to books! I am an editorial intern for two companies at the moment with dreams of one day becoming an Editor for a publishing house, following my childhood passion of reading and the art of writing.

babbler behind the babbling

A good read to fill the loud silence in your sleepy conscious is, for me, the ideal life of the book babbler.

Yours Truly,


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